< California / Camping / Jeeping / April 14th, 2019

Calico Reunion Run

Next up, our 17th annual jeep club reunion run. Technically near the southern border of Death Valley. It was on the way.

In the excitement of things, I never snapped a photo of camp. Or the group. Or the breakfast. Or the big trail run. Ok, in my defense, this location began our our 6th night camping so maybe I was getting tired. Conservatively, we probably had over 40 people camped with us (here’s a a previous trip). And since this happened in April, I missed the statue of limitations on collecting photos from everyone. Anyway, we are grateful to them all for keeping this thing going. And we’ll see many of them again this week!

The majority of these are from after the reunion run, camping the rest of the week with Roger and LeeAnne. We hiked, explored the ghost town, and ate lots of snacks! Just like old times. And yes, that’s a cat in their camper! Interesting things to remember were the butterfly migration and the full moon.

Rick joined back up and we had a couple of days to get home… with the heavy snowpack, our ideas of Utah mountains were failing due to closed roads, so we camped the first night at some petroglyphs (I’ll ask him the name of the town), and then headed for Moab Easter Jeep Safari (because it was the only nearest city we could find that had a Catholic church). There, we did a little exploring, attended mass, and found a great campsite! (featured in the Moab drone video from earlier this month. Which happened after this trip.) All in all, 15 nights straight in the camper! A new record.