< California / Camping / Jeeping / April 14th, 2019

Death Valley

We visited Death Valley in April – right before the heat set in. Sightseeing in a national park is unusual for us, so I tried to caption all the landmarks. Leave a comment if you’d like more detail!

Literally one week we are skiing the continental divide, and 10 days later we’re standing below sea level. It was a complete meltdown. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s chilly, seeing us in pants and long sleeves, it was over 100-degrees and we were doing everything to keep the sun from scorching our skin.

Four days of camping at Stovepipe Wells and sightseeing included: Keane Wonder Mine, Artists Palette, The Racetrack – where the rocks mysteriously move on their own, Panamint Valley, Father Crowley vista point – where we ironically saw fighter jets, Teakettle Junction – you’ll know it when you see the photo, Ubehebe Crater – giant hole in the ground, Titus Canyon 4×4 drive, South Pass, Badwater Salt Flat – 282 feet below sea level, the lowest point in North America, Twenty Mule Team Canyon, Dante’s Peak overlook, Rhyolite ghost town and I’m sure I’m missing some… there was much more to see but most of this group preferred lazy mornings (sorry Russ!). There was also lots of swimming and bacon eating, desert dust storms, and of course, In-N-Out.

We saw bighorn sheep, pupfish (yes, there are fish in Death Valley), a scorpion, and lots of birds.